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    TV Girl have shows in the UK, Ireland and Europe planned for August 2024.

    SAT 13 Jul 2024
    Honolulu Republik -

    FRI 19 Jul 2024
    Sydney Hordern Pavilion

    SAT 20 Jul 2024
    Brisbane Fortitude Music Hall

    FRI 02 Aug 2024
    Chicago Metro

    THU 15 Aug 2024
    Dublin 3Arena

    SAT 17 Aug 2024
    Leeds First Direct Arena

    TUE 20 Aug 2024

    WED 21 Aug 2024
    Antwerp Lotto Arena En

    FRI 23 Aug 2024
    Amsterdam AFAS Live

    SAT 24 Aug 2024
    Berlin Columbiahalle

    MON 26 Aug 2024
    Warsaw Progresja

  • TV Girl Concert: A Must-See Performance for Music Lovers

    TV Girl is an indie pop band from San Diego, California, formed by Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon. They relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles as a band, and now they live in Los Angeles.

    The band released its first three EPs in the year 2010 and a mixtape in the year 2012, to then debut an album, French Exit, in the year 2014. Their second album, Who Really Cares, was issued in the year 2016. Extra albums came in the year 2018 (Death of a Party Girl) and in 2023 (Grapes Upon the Vine), plus the collaborative ones.

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    • Tv Girl Members
    • Tv Girl Merch
    • Tv Girl Album Cover
    • Blue Hair Meaning Tv Girl 

    Tv Girl Members 

    members of tv girl

    Current members

    • Brad Petering – lead vocals (2010–present)
    • Wyatt Harmon – keyboards
    • Jason Wyman – drums

    Former members

    • Trung Ngo – vocals (2010–2013)
    • Joel Williams – vocals (2010–2013)
    • Dan Komin

    Touring members

    • Zoe Zeeman – bass (2022–present)
    • Jordana Nye – bass, backing vocals (2021, 2023–present)

    Tv Girl Merch

    tv girl merch

    Tv Girl Album Cover

    Studio albums 

    • French Exit (2014)
    • Who Really Cares (2016)
    • Death of a Party Girl (2018)
    • Grapes Upon the Vine (2023)

    Tv Girl Album CoverTv Girl Album Cover

    Blue Hair Meaning Tv Girl 

    She asked me how to be funnyBut that's not something you can teach
    What seemed so blue in the sunlightBy the night was a pale green
    And I tried to hold herBut it didn't really last longShe's getting olderI guess she's gotta cut her blue hair off
    She asked me if she was prettyWell, it's clear that the girl's a fraud
    There's really no way of winningIf in their eyes you'll always be a dumb blonde
    And she cried over nothingSo there was nothing I could do to stopHer from cuttingHer beautiful blue hair off
    It looked like cotton candyAnd just as quick to get licked away
    Last I heard she was livingWith a boy who acts his age
    And I guess I'll just miss herEven though she isn't even really goneBut things are just differentEver since she cut her blue hair off
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